You Are a Creative Being!


  • “But I want to get fit– Not creative!”
  • “But I want to lose weight– Not learn to draw!”

“What has art and creativity got to do with my health?” I hear you ask…

We are all ‘creative’ beings. We are born creative but this aspect of our development and personality can get buried by self-doubt, dogma and the messy hassle of everyday life.

You will be surprised by how and where you are already creative…

  • Do you cook?
  • Do you organise anything or anyone?
  • Do you organise your family!? Meals, parties, get-togethers, holidays…

…these are all very creative activities

You are already a creative being. Every time you solve a problem or make a decision you are being creative.

Did you used to do something creative?

Play guitar/Sing/Play piano/draw/Knit/Flower arrange/cook for people/paint/sculpt/doodle…

There is a sleeping giant inside of you just waiting to be awakened! Your innate creativity is just waiting to see the light.

There is so much proof that being creative affects our health (body and mind) and well being in such a positive way.

Becoming ‘aware’ of your creativity will immediately ‘Open the door’.