Is great art a window into a world of joy and wonderment?

Today I’m recording a course on teaching people how to draw. I’m looking at this wonderful book of Michelangelo which I’ve had for about 50 years! 

It reminded me of a story of when I first saw this particular Michelangelo sculpture. I was 17 years old and hitchhiking around Europe. I ended up in Brugge waiting for the hostel to open. It didn’t open until later in the afternoon and I had a few hours to spare. So I sat in the main square for a coffee and somebody nearby said, “There’s a Michelangelo sculpture in that cathedral.”

I’d heard of Michelangelo. 

I didn’t know much about him so thought I’d go and take a look.  I walked into the cathedral and it was dark. There wasn’t many people about and the re were sculpture’s everywhere. They’re in alcoves, on the altar and everywhere. I was wondering which one was the Michelangelo… then down the end of a long aisle I could see this sculpture which had been lit by one single light. It seemed to be glowing from inside. The closer I got to it the more upset I felt. I was feeling really emotional and I couldn’t understand it. Haha I was 17. I was basically interested in girls and getting away from my mum and dad! What was I doing feeling emotional about a sculpture?

Joy and wonderment 

Anyway it happened I walked out into the sunshine… and the memory has never really gone away. It’s part of who I am now. 

It’s this wonder of looking at art and wondering what’s going on. How’s it communicating? What’s going on? It’s a mystery, isn’t it? It gives us a feeling of joy and wonderment. What I’m saying here today is if you’re looking for a world that’s full of joy and wonderment I really believe that great art is a window into that world. By looking at great art, by looking out for it and noticing it, it releases something inside you which… what is it? It speaks to you in a way that there are really no words for.

Enjoy art. That’s what I’m saying. If you’re interested in learning to draw, my course “How to Draw Loose and Free” is now available. If you’re interested click here to find out about the course. Enroll – you’ll love it

Anyway, great to see you. Cheers for now. Rob.

Hi. I’m Rob Bee. I help people my age (in their 60s) to boot out the idea of being old and tired and to live really good full lives by being creative, eating fantastic natural foods and getting out into nature to enjoy life.

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