According to the British Medical Association 70% of all hospital inpatient beds are taken up with preventable diseases!

Frightening isn’t it. You don’t want to end up as part of that statistic do you?

According to the same report Half of all cancer its preventable, 80 to 90% of cardiovascular disease is preventable… and the list goes on Dementia, liver disease diabetes2… 

Here’s a link to the BMA’s report ‘Prevention before cure’ [Warning it’s heavy going!!]

So, you’re feeling more tired than you used to, worried about illness, maybe you’re a bit overweight, you’ve got osteoarthritic pain from an old injury?

What does it stop you doing?… 

Playing with the grandkids? Walking to the shops? Or just climbing the stairs?!

How would you like to learn how to feed your body and brain with everything they need to thrive, to give you that bounce and energy back. Without having to go on some radical complicated diet or start some unreasonable exercise regime?

We all know we should look after ourselves better, but the problem is being motivated enough to actually do it.

Introducing the Art of Health programme

It’s a six-week guided programme to set you on the path to a longer, healthier – and therefore happier life.

  • Learn which foods will give you energy and the right nutrients you need to have shiny hair and bright eyes. 
  • Learn about readily available simple anti-inflammatory foods to help your body heal itself. (I have got the osteoarthritis in my knee and it’s now completely under control with what I teach in this program!)
  • Learn something new – we’ll help you find that spark, that idea. If learning to draw takes your fancy (and the drawing is a proven mind enhancing exercise), you will be given free lifetime access to my popular course “Drawing Loose and Free”.
  • Commit with us to standing up more and moving more. I’ll guide you through easy gentle ways to get started if you haven’t been doing much.
  • Be part of our community all doing this together.

You know how it is, you get all fired up. Yes. I’m going to do this!… Then next day, where does the motivation go?  You get up at the same time, get your usual breakfast, switch the telly on and… Ah well, I’ll start next week… and deep down you know won’t!

Join us in the Art of Health.

you’ll never look back. We’ll help you to get that ZING back into your life. 

Our promise to you is that if you aren’t feeling better in the first 30 days of the program you will get your money back – no questions asked. That is our guarantee

So, if you’re slowing down a bit and those niggling aches and pains are worrying you! 

  • If you’d like to regain some bounce and energy
  • regain that poised, shiny hair, bright eyed feeling… 
  • (and off course – put off dying from some dreadful preventable disease!!)

Then join us in the Art of Health

I’m really excited that I will be running the workshops live every week.
We’ll be going through the program together.
I really looking forward to meeting you in the program and finding out how I can help you personally to achieve your health and well-being goals. Like I say, i’ll be running the workshops Live in person every week so you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with me as we go.

Also, You will have a lifetime access to the programme and to any updates and improvements which happen to it in the future.

Normal Price will start at £499

Special price

This is a Beta programme – it’s the first time I have run it. For that reason you have access to the programme today for a reduced price.


Rob is an enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring artist and musician.  Within the last year, his practical help, enthusiasm and support has, once again, inspired me to be be more energetic and creative. I have now secured my first solo photography exhibition. Sincere thanks, Richard.
Richard Hone, Lytham St Annes UK