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Would you like to have any of these things? More energy? Would you like to lose some weight, get slimmer?  Would you like to improve your thinking prowess, feel brighter in the mornings? And would you like to have a beautiful, healthy immune system so that you can fight off those dreadful chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, even cancer?
If you’re looking for help to get you on the right track with any of those things, you are definitely in the right place.
This is a weekly podcast, it’s going to be short and sweet every time. We’ve got some wonderful expert guests lined up, and each of them is going to give you real practical advice… things you can actually start to do right away.

It’s called Vital-8 because each guest answers 4 vital questions in just 8 minutes. It’s gonna be a no BS, no fluff, no flannel, no airy-fairy, nebulous concepts, and ideas zone.

Download Rob’s ‘Breakfast of Brilliance‘ Lifestyle Recipe at https://theartofhealth.fit/breakfast-of-brill/

What ‘The Art of Vibrancy’ Podcast is all about?

The mission of the Art of Vibrancy™ series is to bring life-enhancing ideas and practical advice to people who’d like to get their Mojo back! … Real things that real people can do to really improve their health and wellbeing. The Vital-8 podcast is 4 questions in 8 minutes.

In every episode, we deliver one simple technique that people can implement in their lives – immediately.
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