Does your cleaning products doing their job and making your home sparkly clean? It may make your house clean, but is it safe for you and your family? Do you know what those products contain and what it can do to you and your family’s health?

Being educated and aware of the chemicals in your cleaning products is a must when you want to keep your house safe for you and your kids. Do you even know what those harsh chemicals can do to your health? Make a change and switch to natural cleaning products. It’s the best you could do for you, your family, and your future generation!

Trisha Jewell is happily married with three young kids. Shortly after her middle child was born, she found out that she had a blood disorder called G6PD, and that she was a carrier of the same disorder. They started down the road to living a compliant lifestyle, and then they began to see so many things in their environment. So her and her husband and the children, so many things that were causing adverse effects to their immune systems, not just the son’s blood quality, but their immune systems in general. So the whole family started using essential oils as a supplement, and they noticed a real boost in their health and the quality of life as a result. So now, they all teach other families about the toxins in their environment, and they encourage them to pay attention to what is being put in and on their bodies, how to read and understand the nutrition and drug labels and to really focus on alternative methods to help with everyday life.

In this episode, Trisha shares the importance of being educated about the chemicals in the cleaning products that you use, and its effect on you and your family’s health. She also shares how to drop the old lifestyle and change the habits of using harsh cleaning products and substitute it with natural cleaning products instead.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the health hazards of the cleaning products you use in cleaning your home
  • Learn about other substitutes you can use to avoid the chemicals and health hazards of using strong cleaning supplies
  • Know more about how changing the cleaning products that you use can help lead you to a better, safer, and healthier lifestyle for you and your family


“It starts at any age that you want to create a change.

– Trisha Jewell

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Valuable Free Resource:

Virtual event to learn more about how to ditch the chemicals in your home. Learn how to read labels, find out hidden chemicals right in front of you, and how to make easy recipes with items under your kitchen sink.

This will be an opportunity to ask questions and take a deep dive into the products in your everyday life. . Visit:

02:48 – Challenge is being used to do things the same way as you’ve always done and had a mindset that change takes too much time and is expensive

04:57 – Being uneducated and following old ways are one of the common mistakes

07:11 – One free and actionable tip to help you learn and change the chemicals in your home: Take time to read the ingredients of your cleaning supplies, and research about it and their harm

09:19 – One valuable resource on how to ditch the harsh chemicals in your house and switch to natural cleaning products: Trisha’s Website. Visit:

Key Takeaways:

“Even if you’re at an older age, these things you can learn, and you can teach the people around you that you care about. And so it becomes an effect that changes not just your life, but all the people around you, and so it’s just learning that one thing.” – Trisha Jewell

“If you took just two minutes, and you turned around your household cleaner, whatever it is that you’re using, and read the ingredients until you can’t pronounce the first word, and then Google that word and say “harm of that ingredient”, you will be mind blown on what actual chemicals are in that product you’re using, which is going to make you stop and say, “Okay. I’m not going to use this product anymore. So then what do I use?” is a big question, and that would be as easy as getting a cup of water, adding in vinegar, and apple cider and cleaning your counters, and your bathtubs and your toilets, and actually disinfecting them and then actually being clean.” – Trisha Jewell

“Most people, especially as they’re aging, think that they have to just start tomorrow and throw everything out and change all the ways that they eat and their health. And really, it’s just picking one small change, and then continuing to do that day after day after day.” – Trisha Jewell

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