Working on your longevity is absolutely one of the best gifts you could give yourself. If you want to learn how you can do that right, then you‘re in the right place 

Travis Zipper is the Owner and Lead Instructor of his company’s Wellfitz and Nutritional Coaching Institute. He calls himself the Swiss Army knife of practitioners, as he aims to help people who tend to fall between the cracks of the medical system, but have more issues than just the inability to lose weight. Travis loves teaching the culture of wellbeing and helping people in need so that this world can be smarter and healthier. 

In this episode, Travis talks about longevity in both health and life span terms. Listen to this episode as Travis unravels the truth of your health and longevity.  

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Know how lessened physical activity and eating impact your health and your body;
  • Discover what your microbiome is and how important it is for you to focus on; 
  • Find out ways you can work on your longevity  both health and life span. 

Getting a wide, diverse blend of advice that comes from people who have possibly been in the trenches and been doing it for a long time and don’t just write about it or blog about it, is my best advice.Travis Zipper 

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Valuable Free Resource:

Visit Travis’ website at for more information and guide videos you can watch for free. 

Topics Covered: 

02:05 – The biggest challenge people face as they age with regard to staying fit, healthy, and positive: (1) Less activity in our day-to-day lives and (2) tending to eat a little less as we get older. 

03:44 – The common mistakes or misconceptions people have about solving that problem: People rely on the mass media and news for education and unbiased information, and on people who only have a limited personal experience on a specific subject. 

05:34 – The number one tip; a tangible specific action that people could implement right away: Work on our microbiome or the bacteria in the guts. 

08:00 – Free resource: Travis’ website at  


When you’re not moving as much, you’re not using your muscles, they’re not firing – you’re no longer building them. And it becomes harder to maintain muscle mass if you’re not using it.” – Travis Zipper 

If we’re not feeding and using our bodies, what happens is the muscles atrophy, and that makes us more susceptible to falls, to injuries, to sicknesses. So, really maintaining a solid diet which has enough protein, enough movement throughout the day that someone would consider themselves still active, and getting a good variety of plants so that they’re not nutrient-deficient can be one of the biggest things that tends to, once again, fall between the cracks and the older demographic, or just say, as we age.” – Travis Zipper 

We think we trust our bodies, but sometimes our bodies can give us false senses of security.” – Travis Zipper 

As we get older, we synthesize protein less or less efficiently, so we actually need a little bit more of it, but we tend to eat less of it because of multiple reasons.” – Travis Zipper 

All the best coaches in the world have coaches. All the best doctors and teachers, they all have mentors. So, learning from someone that is always getting their hands dirty and not just taking one source as the holy grail of information, I think, is somewhere that definitely could be improved in the education level as we go on in life.” – Travis Zipper 

People look at it like ‘Oh my gosh. 30 fruits and vegetables for a week. That’s a lot.’ But when you really track, it’s not that much.” – Travis Zipper 

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