Are you one of these people who have been living life, saying ‘I don’t have time for this, I have more important stuff to do’? Busy, busy, busy all the time, not enough time to do stuff you personally want and enjoy.  

Do you want to change the way you see time and step towards a regret-free life? Have you ever wished you could build the life that you really want? 

Tanya MFK is a Certified Business Strategy & Development Coach and a Certified Practitioner of Applied Neuroscience. She founded the “Clarity→Strategy→System” Success Plan that has been the backbone of profitability for Fortune 500 Companies & Business Owners since 2005.  

As she deals with both personal development & business strategy, Tanya aims to eliminate the hustle lifestyle that keeps us from enjoying our best now, while building a thriving business at the same time. 

In this episode, Tanya discusses the real situations of people who have been dealing with too much ‘busyness’, causing them to neglect what they really want in life. She talks about the ways people can live life while still doing what they enjoy most. She also talks about what you may have doing wrong all this time! 

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover how a different perspective about time and priority will positively change your life 
  • Find out the importance of setting priorities and knowing what you really want in life and its relation to a life without regrets 
  • Learn more about the ways you can live life without regrets while avoiding the mistakes that have been keeping you stagnant and unproductive 


It’s never really about time. It’s always been about priority. – Tanya MFK 


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Topics Covered: 

02:37 – The biggest challenge people face as they age with regard to staying fit, well, and positive: Knowing that life is short but living each day like a dream life is going to fall into their lap and/or letting it pass as they work like crazy to make it happen and life passes by. 

04:26 – The common mistakes or misconceptions that people have about solving that problem about not having the control over their lives: Saying that they don’t have time. 

06:29 – The number one tip; a tangible specific action that people could implement right away: Begin to have intimate knowledge of exactly where our time is going. We need to identify the things that we want. Treating the things that we want to do like appointments; scheduling our priorities instead of prioritizing our schedule. 

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“So it’s really about stepping back and reconnecting to what really matters in this short life, identifying what we really want out of it and looking at all of those to do lists through a new lens. You know, do these things align with my goals, desires and, dreams? Do they align with the life I want to live? And if they don’t, it’s time to make some decisions, because what you do with the time you have here is completely up to you.” – Tanya MFK 

“There will always be a lack of time, unless we start to see it differently.” – Tanya MFK 

“When we’re not being mindful of where we put our time, we find ourselves focusing on the unessential. So we’re essentially being lazy with what we have.” – Tanya MFK 

“How do we schedule each day to experience it the way that we want? Because really, our best life – a great life – is simply an accumulation of well-lived days.” – Tanya MFK 

“Too often we know what’s in our bank account; we don’t know what’s in our time account, and that’s way more valuable than our money.” – Tanya MFK 

“Get started. You have a vision of what you really want. Find your deepest motivations. Be clear about what and why you live for.” – Tanya MFK 

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