Do you want to know the secrets of how to stay healthy even in the midst of a pandemic? Do you want to see a positive change in your health? 

We’ve actually grown into our comfort zone due to the pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is good, but too much comfort can greatly affect our health negatively. So do you want to break that and get out of your comfort zone for a healthier life? 

It all starts with perceiving, reflecting, and taking action. Get out of your “comfort zone” a bit and take action towards a healthier you! 

Susan Holman is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Wellness Expert. She also coaches, creatives, artists, and performers. She uses NLP and hypnotherapy. She also the author of Seven Keys to Financial Freedom which is available on her website. 

In this episode, Susan shares how you could transform yourself and your health by the way you think and perceive. She also explains how this pandemic is increasing our comfort levels which can drastically affect us, our health, and our mentality negatively.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover how to make climbing out of your comfort zone easier and effective 
  • Find out how your mind can affect your health, negatively and positively 
  • Know more about how to approach burnout and turn it into self-care  


Recognize burnout, take action on it, and translate it into self-care. Susan Holman


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Topics Covered: 

02:46 – The biggest challenge that people face as they age with regard to staying healthy, well, and positive: They fall into a comfort zone. And that comfort zone becomes so familiar to them, that in their mind, they’re creating pictures that say what I have to do to change this, whether it’s exercising a little more, tweaking their diet, drinking more fluids, more water, becomes hard. 

04:57 – The common mistakes or misconceptions that people have about solving that problem about changing: They start projecting mentally, ideas onto what that thing is that they have to do that will change their health. And they can’t relate to it because they haven’t made it familiar. They haven’t made it fun. 

07:36 – The number one tip; a tangible specific action that people could do right away: Recognize if you’re burnt out from having too much time at home, from having a different reality that 2020 may have created, and even though it may seem easier for some people, in some ways, or harder for some people other ways, recognize that and take action on it and translate it into self-care. 

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“In your vulnerability, you will find incredible strength as you allow it to express itself, whether internally or externally.” – Susan Holman 

“The harder path doesn’t have to be harder, it’s just approaching it more gracefully, and saying, “What can I do at this moment right now, that may shift my attention, that may shift my focus, that may shift how I’m perceiving a change that’s really going to help me?” – Susan Holman 

“You’re the doer.” – Susan Holman 

“You’re the one that’s creating this. So think of a way to shift your focus from “the problem” to “the solution” to, you know, feeling depressed, feeling down, worried, sad, grief, anger about a situation. “How can I shift that focus right here, right now?” – Susan Holman 

“If you are feeling sad, and this goes out to everyone who, whether you’re expressing or holding back your sadness, if you’re feeling in the moment, like, you know, things are- you’re feeling less empowered than you had been feeling previously, hold space for that.”  – Susan Holman 

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