Are you sure that you’re healthy enough for your age? Are you aware that your metabolism isn’t as fast as when you were young? Are you really sure out-exercising your diet would make you healthier?

As we age, our metabolism slows down. This should be a sign for us to eat healthily and become more conscious of what we’re eating. Exercising isn’t enough when you consume a bad and unhealthy diet.

Siobhan Dee is a nurse and worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for many years. She has a special interest in lifestyle science and Type 2 diabetes. She now runs diabetes wellness digital programs for companies that want a diabetes resilient workforce.

In this episode, Siobhan shares her insights on how being aware of your diet is important especially now that your metabolism is slowing down due to your age. She also shares how exercising doesn’t change the effects of a bad diet on your health and body.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover how metabolism slows down by age and what you can do about it
  • Learn how exercising is beneficial but does not change the effects of a bad diet on your health
  • Know more ways on how to stay healthy and how to avoid eating processed and unnecessary meals


Eat food that fills you up that you can savor. All-natural. You won’t need to eat between meals because you eat enough at mealtimes of the food that fills you.

– Siobhan Dee

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Valuable Free Resource:

Siobhan Dee’s Website. Visit:

Topics Covered:

06:49 – Challenge is thinking we can out-exercise a bad diet as we age and as our metabolism slows down

09:13 – The lost idea of what moderation is and over-consuming carbs are one of the common mistakes

11:05 – One free and actionable tip you can do to avoid diabetes and help your metabolic health:  Don’t eat between meals, just eat three meals a day. Eat food from the farm, not from the factory

12:33 – One valuable free resource to help you be healthy and more aware of what you eat: Siobhan Dee’s Website. Visit:

Key Takeaways:

“Exercise is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, it is vital. It is vital, particularly in aging, but right from, you know, from birth, we’re made to move like humans, our heart health and, you know, for our overall immune health, which is so important at the moment, it is really important to exercise.” – Siobhan Dee

“Don’t eat between meals, just eat three meals a day, you don’t need to do any more than that. And when you are eating, eat food from the farm, not from the factory. Eat real food three times a day, and just see where it comes from that really.” – Siobhan Dee

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