Those times you just feel stuck, what do you usually do? Continue staring at the screen or the TV screen feeling guilty for not getting on with things?

Infusing your days with value aligned choices is the answer!

Check out today’s episode and receive a treat from Rob Bee!

Father, grandfather and former professional musician, Rob Bee is a Graduate of Yale in the Science of wellbeing, has an Art degree and also runs an Art Gallery. He keeps himself slim, trim, and happy without weird diets or difficult exercise regimes, but by doing a few simple scientifically-proven things every day (and if you’d like to do the same, he’ll show you how).

In this episode, Rob discusses the importance of making value aligned choices in your life every day. He mentions valuable insights through recalling a beautiful day he had recently, and shares a sheet of values in order to help you focus on what really matters to you.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover a fantastic book that is awesome in helping you make value aligned decisions
  • Get to learn how Rob spends his days in the most valuable ways
  • Find out how important it is for you to infuse your day with value aligned choices every day


Get up and do something that aligns with your core values. Rob Bee

Download Rob’s ‘Breakfast of Brilliance‘ Lifestyle Recipe at

Valuable Free Resource:

Narrow down your core values and focus on what really matters to you using this fantastic sheet:

Topics Covered: 

01:01 – The Book: How Dr. Susan David’s book entitled Emotional Agility reminded Rob of the importance of having value aligned decisions.

02:02 – Journey Down Town: What made Rob’s day wonderful when he went for a walk in town?

04:17 – Rob’s Tip: “Get up and do something that aligns with your core values.”


“Making value aligned decisions. Sounds complicated, but it’s not at all. It’s a way of increasing your feeling of wellbeing and your happiness.” – Rob Bee

“One of my values is to be active and healthy, and to get a good walk in every day.” – Rob Bee

“Get up. Get your coat on. Even if you went out for a walk for five minutes, get some fresh air, get up and do something – something that aligns with your core values.” – Rob Bee

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