We’ve been led to believe that strict diets and strenuous exercise are the way to lose weight and get fitter. But does that work?

So how do you live longer, feel good, and stay in tiptop shape without diets and ‘exercise’?

For this episode, Rob Bee has a guest who actually interviews him instead of the other way around. Eminent psychotherapist Charlie Briggs (who runs the Lancaster Centre for Counseling and Positive Psychotherapy).

Rob Bee is a father, grandfather, and former professional musician. He is a Health and Wellbeing coach, graduate of Yale in the Science of well-being, has an Art degree, and runs an Art Gallery.

In this episode, Rob shares how he keeps himself slim, trim, and happy without weird diets or difficult exercise regimes, but by doing a few simple scientifically proven things every day. And if you’d like to do the same, he’ll show you how.

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Discover the three secrets to a long and happy life without having to do diets and gyms
  • Learn the simple steps to start your way to fitness and get in the groove for life
  • Find out how to make your health routine an “upward spiral of delight”

To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha as quoted by Rob Bee

Download Rob’s ‘Breakfast of Brilliance‘ Lifestyle Recipe at https://theartofhealth.fit/breakfast-of-brill/

Valuable Free Resource:

Download your FREE Breakfast of Brilliance here: https://theartofhealth.fit/breakfast-of-brill/

Topics Covered: 

03:35 – The secret to living longer, feeling better and having a longer health span: Three things, head, muscles, and stomach; brain, belly, and biceps. Brain, you need to have a switched-on mind to support those other two things.

06:39 – How do you start the day the brilliant way? Download your FREE Breakfast of Brilliance here: https://theartofhealth.fit/breakfast-of-brill/

07:43 – What difference do the principles Rob shares make in his life: Well, some of them are unbelievable. I’m slim and fit. I’m in the top 1% of men my age in the world for cardiovascular health. My Vo2 to max rate is 49, which is unheard of in someone my age. My resting heart rate is between 49 and 54.


“The secret to living longer and feeling better, and having a healthy life span, three things — head, muscles, and stomach, brain, belly, and biceps. Brain, you need to have a switched-on mind to support those other two things.” – Rob Bee

“If you learn a new skill, maybe you want to write a book, or you want to write a poem. Try every morning for a month, just write a few lines. By doing that, you’re actually connecting circuits in your mind. Your left brain is talking to your right brain; it helps your brightness and your intelligence. And by doing that, it will allow you to make good decisions about the other things in your life.” – Rob Bee

“The power of two minutes, if you do something simple every morning for two minutes — something active, get outside, move, go for a brisk walk, whatever, that is going to make you feel good.” – Rob Bee

“What you put in your mouth — good quality food. Don’t go on a diet; diets don’t work. You can’t change everything overnight. Eat good quality food, you know what it is — greens, nature, natural food.” – Rob Bee

“Eat from the farm, not from the factory.” – Rob Bee

“I eat well, move every day, and I do interesting projects and learn new things, keep my mind sharp, and it’s the secret to living a long and healthy life.” – Rob Bee

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