This pandemic has brought big changes to business and industry. It’s important for us to be in good shape as we approach the future.  

How’s your business doing? How are your staff doing?  Do you have a robust system in place to monitor their well-being – as you do for the business’s financial well-being?  

Our employees play such a huge role in our success.  

Check out today’s episode with Paul Nugent – Chief Executive Officer of SANTÉ Group LTD – and learn more about thriving in business while taking good care of the people behind it.  

Paul Nugent has become a Key Figure in the private medical insurance and wellbeing sector since succeeding in numerous roles in that industry over the las 23 years.  

Paul’s ambitious vision when he formed Nugent Santé in October 2015 was to drive the health insurance market forward by delivering innovative and cost-effective health and wellness solutions to individuals and businesses.  

 Through investment in a professional team, Development and Designing a CRM system, and other industry-related software solutions, Paul now spearheads Santé Group – which not only services the needs of clients but also supports a professional network of same sector insurance intermediaries.  

With an ever-increasing portfolio, Santé Group is becoming one of the leading institutions in this field.  

In this episode, Paul talks about how Nugent Santé and Santé Group helps business in their portfolio thrive while also looking after the people behind all the work and success.  

He shares how they make that happen, despite this big change – the pandemic.  

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Understand the importance of looking after your employees’ health and well-being needs;  
  • Discover what the Santé Group does in order to know how their staff are doing in the middle of this pandemic; and    
  •  Find out how life-changing the skills of being communicative and not fearing change are.  

Don’t be afraid of change. The only way to succeed is to expect change and work with change. Otherwise, you’ll get left behind. – Paul Nugent  

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Visit and and get their new brochure entitled Employee Wellbeing in Safe Hands now!  

Topics Covered: 

02:44 – Paul’s motivation / driving force as the leader of the Santé Group, especially regarding the welfare of the people in his organisation: Being a big believer in innovation and focusing on people.  

04:04 – The number one initiative that has made the biggest difference to the health and wellbeing of the people in Nugent Santé: With this pandemic, they started the Wellbeing Assessment where they communicate with their staff to ask about their fears, concerns, and other professional questions to make sure they’re well – especially whilst working from home.  

07:08 – One big mistake he’s made that could be a warning to others! 

09:24 – The top tip; a tangible specific action that people could implement right away: Practice communication and do not be afraid of change. Expect it and work with it.  

 10:44 – Q: What are you afraid of? A: “I love life. I love what I do… but I’m scared of…? 


“Good health starts with the foundation of good eating. And I’m careful not saying nutrition because you can get down this road of ‘nutritionism’, which means just looking at things like zinc, omega three, essential fatty acids without actually joining up to what is important about food. And that is, sharing, eating together and all sorts of other social things that food does, rather than just the nutrition and it all being a super green smoothie.” – Kate Cook

“It’s really looking around the culture of food, extending the nutritional conversation, even out to the soil and to the actual origins of where our food comes from. So, it’s all connected. We need to look at the whole picture, not just how it’s going to serve us, but how it’s going to serve everybody, our family, and ultimately, the planet as well.” – Kate Cook

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