How old are you? Are you in your 20s? 30s? 40s? 50s? 60s? I wonder if you’ve grown comfortable with the habits which served you well in the last decade – or the decade before that?! 

Is it time to change/ Replace those old habits which arn’t serving you any more with new healthy ones?  

Meghan Telpner is an author, speaker, and nutritionist based in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and has written two best-selling books entitled UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health and The UnDiet Cookbook. She’s been successful in cultivating a global community of UnDiet enthusiasts and Culinary Nutrition Experts, thus making way for her to have a feature on Forbes and be ranked as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada. 

In this episode, Meghan unravels the beauty of a life that is lived in a simple yet healthy manner. Here, she shares ways on how you can evolve and align your lifestyle to what your body, spirit, and soul needs today. Listen and discover the world of healthy living with Meghan Telpner today. 

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Know the benefits of living a life with a constantly evolving diet; 
  • Discover ways on how you can align and shift your routine to meet your current needs; and 
  • Find out more about the art of living a healthy life through the simplest ways possible 

Being aware of that and constantly evolving your diet, your exercise routine, your lifestyle practices, how much sleep you need, the people you have relationships with, how you converse – all of that is part and that needs to continuously evolve and shift to meet the needs of who we are, our body, our mind, our spirit today. – Meghan Telpner


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Topics Covered: 

03:08 – The biggest challenge people face as they age with regard to staying fit, well, and positive: Getting stuck in habits that worked for us in the past that may no longer be serving us and being afraid to make those changes. 

04:45 – The common mistakes and misconceptions that people have about solving that problem about getting out of that route: If a little bit of something is good, then more is gonna be better. 

07:05 – The number one tip; a tangible specific action that people could implement right away: (1) If everyone listening has that one thing they keep putting off they know they need to do to improve their health, write it down on the paper, put today’s date, sign your name, and that’s a contract to yourself to start doing it; (2) Get more sleep. 

09:14 – Free resource: (1) and (2)  


“I think one of the biggest challenges in how we sort of been programmed and conditioned right now is that if a little bit is good, more is automatically better and in most cases, that’s not going to get you to where you want to go long term.” – Meghan Telpner 

“I think that we really just want to look at what our long term health objectives are and how we do it in a way that we can sustain the habit so it’s not suddenly waking up one day being like “I’m gonna eat healthy” and you clear out everything in your pantry and everything in your fridge and realize “I don’t actually know how to eat any other way” and you almost fail before you start.” – Meghan Telpner 

“Every single person knows that one thing they can start doing that would have a dramatic impact on their health over the long term who don’t do it, and I would guess that two very simple ones that most people would benefit from is drinking more water and less of everything else.” – Meghan Telpner 

“We like to focus on these little tiny things that we think are going to give us dramatic results, when the reality is that focusing on the big picture stuff – what foods you’re eating and preferably foods that don’t have chemicals in our process, how much rest you’re getting, how much you’re moving your body, how much fresh air and how much time in nature you’re getting every day, how much relationship, connection, enjoyment, love, hugs – all of those things are so vital and that will give you the 90% of the results you’re seeking. And most of those take minimal effort.” – Meghan Telpner 

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