What have we done to stop us from seeing the change we desire? Why are people overweight? Why don’t diets work? 

Truth is, we complicate matters. Things are not going to work with eating the wrong food. You’ve got to change your lifestyle. You’ve got to dive into the real world and start living there. 

Lorie Eber is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, and Life Coach. Lorie Eber Wellness Coaching provides one-on-one coaching to clients through healthy lifestyle change. Lorie’s first career was as a corporate litigator. 

 In this episode, Lorie talks about the many excuses people are making that prevent them from losing the weight. She shares about how we are a food-centric society, and that we use food for every emotion we feel. She reminds us of how we eat the wrong food – and how we eat too much! Lorie advises us that we need to not put temptation in front of our face and not to be easily tempted with quick weight loss diets. She brings out the need to hire a coach to give you accountability and get you on track.    

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out, on a deeper sense, why people are overweight 
  • Discover about the fake truths the world makes us to believe about food 
  • Find out the three main excuses that hinder us from seeing the change in us and what to do about it 


People are overweight. You know why? Two reasons, they’re eating too much food. And they’re eating the wrong stuff. They’re eating calorically dense food, like McDonald’s and not nutritionally dense food like vegetables.

– Lorie Eber

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Valuable Free Resource:

Get your FREE 30-minute consultation with Lorie. Click here: https://www.lorieeberwellnesscoaching.com/contact-us/ 


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Topics Covered:

02:49 – Counting the ways Lorie’s clients are challenged to make a change: mindset of ‘I’m too old to change’,  the quick weight loss mentality, and thinking of giving up anything with added sugar. 


06:08 – Two reason why people are overweight: eating too much food and eating calorically dense food 


07:54 – The mistake we make is in using food for every emotion and for everything; hence, the need to hire people to give you accountability and keep you on track. 


09:42 – One quick tip that can help do away with the extra pound: Don’t put the temptations in your face. Don’t even try any of these quick weight loss diets. 


12:48 – One free resource to help in creating a change in your life: Get your FREE 30-minute consultation with Lorie. Click here: https://www.lorieeberwellnesscoaching.com/contact-us/ 

Key Takeaways:

“The other big mistake people make is they think traditional diets actually work.” – Lorie Eber 


“I think dieting is never gonna work. You’ve got to change your lifestyle. You got to plonk yourself in the real world and start living there.” – Lorie Eber 


“It is supremely difficult because of the way the world is all about, eat junk. Eat way too much junk. Use food for every emotion. I’m tired. I’m pissed off. I’m watching Netflix. I’m bored. I need comfort. I deserve a treat. I finally got the kids down. You know, whatever it is. We use food for everything.” – Lorie Eber 


“We are a very food-centric society. So it is very difficult to make these changes on your own. You need to hire somebody like us who’s going to give you a ton of accountability and keep you on track when you get your curveball on Wednesday. And then you go next Monday, next Monday, next Monday.” – Lorie Eber 


“Here’s what you need to do. You need to get your head around, ‘I’m going to live in the real world.” – Lorie Eber 

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