Staying fit, well, and positive isn’t easy! We tend to judge ourselves. We tend to choose easier – often unhealthier choices.

In terms of health, what do you want to accomplish? Do you know what you need to do to set yourself up for success? Are you ready to learn how to make healthy choice the easy choice?

Sit back and relax as today’s guest guides you away from the insanity of your unhealthy habits.

Liza Baker is the Coach, Consultant, and Sanity Whisperer of her company – Simply: Health Coaching. She is an Integrative Nutrition® health coach and nonprofit consultant and is the woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe. Liza supports women aged 40+ in being well, whilst doing good.

In this episode, Liza talks about making healthy choice the easy choice. She shows us resources you can access to make things work for you, your health, and your life.

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Know what habits are keeping you from living a good and healthy life;
  • Discover ways you can start making the healthy choice the easy choice;
  • Find out more about the things you could do to drive yourself away from the unhealthy insanity your habits are bringing you.

If you put in a little bit of time planning ahead, you can set yourself up for success, which means you’re going to make the healthy choice the easy choice.Liza Baker 

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Valuable Free Resource:

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Topics Covered: 

02:16 – The biggest challenge that people face as they age with regard to staying fit, well, and positive: Overcomplicating things through thinking a lot about what we should do instead of what’s right for us right now.

03:07 – The common mistakes or misconceptions that people have about solving that problem of trying to do too much: First, we turn outside ourselves for information and advice on how to get healthy rather than tuning into our intuition. Second, we tend to judge ourselves.

06:24 – The number one tip; a tangible specific action that people could implement right away: Set yourself up for success. Plan healthy meals. Resource yourself.

08:28 – Free resource: Goodbye, Burnout! Free 5-day challenge at


“When I hear should, I think about people comparing themselves to other people, like I should be working out this way, eating this way. When you say used to, you’re comparing yourself to who you were 10 years ago. 20 years ago. And the question is not what was I able to do 20 years ago? It’s what can I do right now? What is right for me right now?” – Liza Baker

“We think about all these complicated diets and things we need to do and for me, there are just four principles. Eat whole foods, cook from scratch, in moderate portions, with mindfulness and gratitude. Done.” – Liza Baker

“Very often, we get up in the morning and we were going to work out, but then we kind of got distracted on the way to our clothes, and we picked up our phone and it’s over, we’re not going to work out this morning. If you put your gym clothes or your workout gear or whatever it is, your walking shoes right by the bedroom door, you can’t miss it.” – Liza Baker

“If you know you’re going to be out in about all day and you’re not going to be in places where there are healthy choices, take some healthier choices with you.” – Liza Baker

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