Do you know how to use your values to make decisions?

Once you know and understand your personal values, you can consult them whenever you need to make a key decision.

Will you just sit on the couch watching the television that you are sort of vaguely interested or are you choosing to get up and go out for a walk to get some fresh air today?

Which of the two decisions can give you a life towards achieving a vibrant life?

In today’s episode, Rob shares his #KeepYourVibrancyTips on how you can move towards making value-aligned decisions.

Inspire by the book, Emotional Agility by Susan David, Rob will shares how our values serve as our compass in making decisions that is aligned to our vision towards living a vibrant, meaningful, and purposeful life.


Get up, get your coat on. Go out for a walk for five minutes, get some fresh air, get up, and do something  that aligns with your core values.

– Rob Bee

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