You’re stuck in your ways, and you think it’s too late to change to a healthy lifestyle! So many voices inside and out competing for your attention. Too much negativity?

Would you like to learn about the ‘north star’ of nutrition and health? How do you set aside pessimism and believe in yourself, believe that things are doable and will turn out better?

Kate Cook is the author of 8 books. Her list of clients are a who’s-who of the business world, including RBS, Jack Wills, Network Rail, The Discovery Channel. She’s had extensive TV appearances and an acclaimed TEDx talk.
Kate gives talks and workshops to business clients, empowering their staff to adopt healthier lifestyles. Fresh, creative, and practical information is delivered in an interactive style that encourages involvement and engagement.

In this episode, Kate uncovers the one thing that people in their 50’s lack that prevent them from pursuing a healthy, fit, and positive lifestyle. She emphasises that eating healthy is more than just nutrition, and she suggests foods that will help stabilise blood sugar for overall wellbeing.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover what makes eating healthy more than just nutrition
  • Learn to look at the whole picture, the culture of food, how it’s going serve not only us, but our family, and ultimately, the planet as well
  • Find out what role social contact plays in eating healthy

Keeping a stable blood sugar is the key to health. Kate Cook

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Topics Covered: 

01:41 – The biggest problem that people face as they age about staying healthy, well, and positive: It’s interesting, because it’s nothing to do with nutrition. I think it really starts with mindset.

04:12 – The common mistakes and misconceptions that people have about solving that mindset problem: I think, first of all, negativity. A second, I think, there’s a lot of voices out there, and in there. The voices we have in our head and the voices out there are competing advice.

06:28 – The number one tip, something tangible, specific, something that could help one do things right away: Well, the thing to do right away is to balance your blood sugar. It’s the foundation, the ‘North Star’ of how we teach nutrition.

08:25 – What foods to eat to stabilize blood sugar: Avoid things that are sweet, fluffy, and white.

09:17 – Kate’s FREE resource about some tips to balance blood sugar. Click here:


“Good health starts with the foundation of good eating. And I’m careful not saying nutrition because you can get down this road of ‘nutritionism’, which means just looking at things like zinc, omega three, essential fatty acids without actually joining up to what is important about food. And that is, sharing, eating together and all sorts of other social things that food does, rather than just the nutrition and it all being a super green smoothie.” – Kate Cook

“It’s really looking around the culture of food, extending the nutritional conversation, even out to the soil and to the actual origins of where our food comes from. So, it’s all connected. We need to look at the whole picture, not just how it’s going to serve us, but how it’s going to serve everybody, our family, and ultimately, the planet as well.” – Kate Cook

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