Have you been guilty of feeling overwhelmed with your career and responsibilities? Have you developed firm habits you can’t easily get rid of?
You might have been thinking that a step towards change isn’t your choice now because you believe that it’s already too late for you to do so!

These thoughts are actually deceiving you! It’s never too late. Would you like to turn your biological clock back and start living a vibrant life? Listen and be gifted with our guest today.

Juliana Dennis is a Transformation Health Coach and an Anti-Ageing Expert. She has 20 years of experience working in Laboratory Medicine and 20 years studying Functional Medicine, and that helps her in helping people transform into their healthier version. Juliana is also a Public Speaker and an author of her book “Aging Redefined: Bio hack Your Body Clock Backwards” aside from being a licensed esthetician and a former educator for an international brand where she taught healthy skin care habits for both men and women.

In this episode, Juliana unravels the truth that most people have a hard time believing: it’s not too late. Here, she shares insights about the things that hinder you from living a vibrant life alongside advice about turning your biological clock back. She has turned her own biological clock back and she loves to help others do the same. Listen to this episode and be one of them.

Get to read Juliana’s book through visiting https://www.amazon.com/Aging-Redefined-Biohack-Clock-Backwards/dp/B08S546FWR

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Discover how important it is for you to get rid of your old bad habits and start dealing with healthy ones;
  • Find out the benefit a 30-minute walk with nature every day; and
  • Learn more about the ways you can turn your biological clock back so you can live life to its fullest.

The biggest thing is to change the mindset, to understand it’s not too late.Juliana Dennis 

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Topics Covered: 

03:52 – The biggest challenge that people face as they age with regard to staying fit, well, and positive: Getting too overwhelmed with career and family responsibilities, and not knowing how to break firm habits to get started with healthy ones.

05:13 – The common mistakes or misconceptions that people have about solving that problem of trying to do too much: People think a lot that it’s too late for a change.

07:09 – The number one tip; a tangible specific action that people could implement right away: After you get up and have a glass of lemon, water, tea or coffee, put on some athletic wear and head out the door for 30 minutes walking in nature with some earbuds on, listening to either audible or YouTube personal development to change your mindset.

08:53 – Free resource: Mobile application “Mobile List Free” at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/miracle-list-free-morning-routine-tracker/id1123899150

10:58 – A bonus question: Is it too late?


“The biggest thing is to change the mindset, to understand it’s not too late. I still wear high heels. I still do the splits. I still do everything that I was doing at 25 at 66, and others can do it well.” – Juliana Dennis

“Every single day, walk 30 minutes in nature and it will change your life.” – Juliana Dennis

“It’s never too late for anybody. I don’t care what health condition you are in. I don’t care how old you are. It’s never too late.” – Juliana Dennis

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