People have mistakenly believed that a healthy lifestyle is hard, food doesn’t taste good, and it’s too much work. How then do you overcome misconceptions of this nature?

Different diets and thoughts around how to age gracefully are out there. But, at the end of the day, it’s about trusting yourself and knowing that while other people can give you advice you are the person in charge.  

As a Board-Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Jill Anenberg Lawrence guides people who are overwhelmed and struggling with their health, happiness, and energy levels. She helps them make healthy food choices to easily reduce toxins and chemicals so they can live a B.S. free life. If you’re ready to answer the question, “What do I eat to live a vivacious, long and healthy life?” Jill has those answers and lots more! 

In this episode, Jill talks about how often we let healthy actions take the backseat because of our busy lives. We’d rather choose to have food from fast-food chains because that’s easier and faster. 

We often let other people dictate what we do or shouldn’t do instead of doing our own research, how we tend to be set on our ways, and not trusting ourselves to know what works best for us.

She shares ways of finding how to get motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. But when things get overwhelming, and you can’t do it all yourself, she points to hiring professionals like a health coach, nutritionist, or dietitian to help you move forward with proper action steps.  

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out the misconceptions about changing your lifestyle and be guided in the exciting, fun, and nutritious ways of living a healthy lifestyle 
  • Learn how to make healthy decisions for yourself and not always rely on what doctors, friends, and other people dictate what you should or shouldn’t do  
  • Discover how to concoct tons of healthy food that tastes good, it’s easy to make, and you get to enjoy its health benefits


Those misconceptions that it’s going to be super hard or it’s not going to taste good– there are definitely tons of things that you can do to taste good. Help your health and reduce inflammation and all the disease things that can come up.– Jill Lawrence


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Topics Covered:

03:13 – The roadblocks people put in their way even if they know they want to change: people put too much trust in what other people have to saywe are not trusting ourselves as well as we’re not doing the research, we get swamped and we have a lot of things going on. 

06:02 – The misconceptions people have about solving their problem: it’s going to be too hard, it’s too much work, and it’s not going to taste good. 

08:28 – One quick tip to help you live a healthy lifestyle: become the CEO of your own health and wellness.  

10:37 – One FREE resource to access food and lifestyle tips for a kickass immunity and energy. Visit here: 

Key Takeaways:

“I’m always about trusting yourself and knowing that other people can give you advice but you know what’s best for you.” – Jill Lawrence 

“Finding ways to become motivated. And if you don’t have that self-motivation, that’s fine. That’s where you start hiring out professionals who do have time to look at all of the issues that you have, or goals that you have, and then help you move forward with proper action steps.” – Jill Lawrence 

“You’ve got to make some changes, to see a change in your life. Sometimes we have to take a little bit of a harder route to then have life be easier on the other side.”  – Jill Lawrence 

“Make your own decisions and to not have doctors, to have friends, to have other people dictating and telling you what you should or shouldn’t do that you become the one, that you research.” – Jill Lawrence 

“You are what you eat, but if you’re eating animals, you are what your animals eat. So, making sure that you are choosing the best possible choices.” – Jill Lawrence 

“Go through your pantry, go through your fridge and clean out all of the stuff that isn’t from Mother Nature, like, doesn’t come from the earth – the problem is, because if it’s in our house, it’s really tempting.”  – Jill Lawrence 

“If you don’t know what to do at all and all of the skills are overwhelming — outsource, reach out to someone like myself, to Rob, to a health professional, to a nutritionist, dietician, and to have them help you. It’s not just about the nutrition though. That’s why I love a holistic health coach.” – Jill Lawrence 

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