With all that’s been going on in the world recently – it would only be normal to be confused about what we really want and need in life.

Do you know your why’s?

Are you aware of why you’re doing things you think you like?

Do you acknowledge that you, too, need help sometimes?

Listen as Jill unravels the truth of your why and your lifestyle.

Jill Foos is a Chicago-based functional medicine health coach and is serving as the President of her company Jill Foos Wellness. She graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2018 and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2019 where she honed in on her health coaching skills that includes the psychology of changing lifestyle habits.

In this episode, Jill talks about instances where people have no idea of their why in life – and why they need help. She talks about how people deny that need and how by acknowledging it, and allowing others to help, a whole and healthy life can be achieved.

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Know how important it is for you to know your why;
  • Discover what your why is and why you need help;
  • Find out more about the essence of your why and what you can do with it to start a healthy life.

Your why and why you want to jump on a health journey and change lifestyle habits is the hardest part of the work. A lot of people know their why and can’t get started, while the others just want to get going but they don’t know their why. Everybody’s why is different.Jill Foos

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Valuable Free Resource:

Check out Jill’s website at www.jillfooswellness.com for free recipes, and also her podcast Health Trip with Jill Foos at https://www.jillfooswellness.com/podcast

Topics Covered: 

02:04 – The biggest challenge that people face as they age with regard to staying fit, well, and positive: People don’t know their why or they do know their why and just can’t get started.

04:53 – The common mistakes or misconceptions that people have about solving that problem of trying to do too much: People think they don’t need help even when they’re making the same mistakes over and over again and they don’t want to change until something chronic happens.

06:46 – The number one tip; a tangible specific action that people could implement right away: Start building your team. Call someone for help.

07:26 – Free resource: Jill’s website at www.jillfooswellness.com and her Health Trip with Jill Foos podcast at https://www.jillfooswellness.com/podcast


“Oftentimes, people come to me and they think they know their why, but through a conversation, they decide that’s not their why and there’s a different why. Sometimes, the real why is hiding underneath the seemingly correct why.” – Jill Foos

“People think they don’t need help, and that is a big roadblock to success.” – Jill Foos

“We’re all bio individuals. We all have our own unique equation.” – Jill Foos

“Start building your team. Call someone for help. When you reach that point where everything has failed, start building the team around you for that support.” – Jill Foos

“I love to help people discover what their equation is because by the time they get to me, they haven’t discovered it. And so through my podcast, I can hit a broader spectrum of people and bring current medical information to them.” – Jill Foos

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