Even though we’re in this pandemic at the moment, most people continue to try and live and behave the same as they always havePerhaps you’ve been consuming the wrong foods all your life and you’re thinking that it’s really too late for you to change? Perhaps you used to be fit – but you’ve lost hope of ever getting that youthful fitness back? 

Do you want to take a brave step and change not only your mindset, but also the way you live? Are you interested on having a healthy lifestyle? 

Listen and discover the world of healthy living with Janene Donnelly in another episode of The Art of Vibrancy podcast. 

Janene Donnelly is a role model for women in this modern world as she works for people’s betterment while taking care of four kids who are all under the age of six! She’s a registered Dental Hygienist with a Bachelor’s in Health Science, and is also a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Her company ‘Holistically Fit, provides exercise and lifestyle nutrition planto individual clients. 

In this episode, Janene discusses the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and the misconceptions we usually have when it comes to maintaining health. She also shares her insights on things people should realize in order to continuously and effectively practice a healthy lifestyle.  

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the roadblocks people go through whenever we think of how we can stay healthy, well, and positive as we age, and the action we should do in response to that 
  • Learn about the common misconceptions people have when we are trying to solve our problem with health 
  • Know what action could be done if you are having a hard time dealing with the conflicts you face with the lifestyle you’re currently in


The biggest challenge we face as we age is – people think that it’s too late to start something new. It’s all about our minds. Changing our mindset is a really big thing. It doesn’t matter your age, you know, you have to be open. – Janene Donnelly 


Download Rob’s ‘Breakfast of Brilliance‘ Lifestyle Recipe at https://theartofhealth.fit/breakfast-of-brill/

Valuable Free Resource:

NutritionFacts.org : https://nutritionfacts.org 


Topics Covered: 

1:24 – Rob talks about who Janene Donnelly is and what she does – a short introduction of the podcast’s guest.  

2:47 – The first question: Janene answers what the biggest challenge people face as they age, with regard to staying healthy, well, and positive is. 

5:23 – Second question: The common misconceptions people have when they’re trying to solve their problem with health. 

7:04 – Third question: A tip Janene offers the audience that could be implemented right after listening to the podcast. 

9:08 – Free resource: https://nutritionfacts.org 


“At the end of the day, we have to be self-motivated. You have to. You can only push people so far. They have to be willing to really want to change, and I think once they realize they can feel better, maybe they can come off some medicine. It really opens their eyes up to a lifestyle.” – Janene Donnelly 

“Keep it simple. Don’t go crazy about it. It’s not hard. It is a lifestyle. You can socialize. You can eat out. You can do all those things.” – Janene Donnelly 

“Plan ahead. Planning is the biggest way to be successful.” – Janene Donnelly 

“Never grocery-shop hungry, because that never goes well.” – Janene Donnelly 

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