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about The Art of Health® Podcast

The mission of the Art of Health® Podcast is to bring new, interesting ideas and practical advice to people who’d like to get their Mojo back(!) by introducing them to talented people who can really help them improve their health and wellbeing.
The podcast format is 7 questions in 10 minutes.
It’s is a way to showcase your unique and wonderful skills – and to deliver one simple technique that people can implement right away


Our audience is comprised of people who are interested in new and unique ideas for personal fitness, health and wellbeing.

People who are worried about (and sometimes affected by) Chronic non-infectious diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s even Cancer. They are looking for Natural (non-pharmaceutical) ways to fight stress, fight disease and to get and stay healthy.


Because we utilise a ‘short form’ (10 minute) podcast format – far more people listen to the whole episode and follow up on your call to action.

The questions:

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. What is the problem/challenge that you solve for them?
  3. What are some of the symptoms of that problem which make them realise that they should reach out to you (what sorts of things are going wrong in their lives – how does the problem manifest itself)?
  4. What are some of the common mistakes people have made about solving that problem (before they start working with you)?
  5. What’s the number one tip you could give to our audience to help them today. A tangible, specific action that they could implement right away
  6. What free resource would you like to share with our audience?
  7. What’s one question I should have asked you – but didn’t? 😊

This format showcases your transformative powers and the way you work with clients. It gives you the opportunity to offer a simple solution for something that people can benefit from right away.
Because the podcast is short and to the point, far more people listen to the entire episode.
You’ll be spending less than 30 minutes being interviewed. We transcribe all interviews and create blog posts on our website.
As well as the podcast, the interview will also be posted to YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Rob is an experienced, generous host and the interview will be friendly and fun (even though the subject matter can be very serious).

about rob be

Rob Bee is the creator of The Art of Health® method. For 49 years he has helped thousands of people in six countries to live more vital, positive and creative lives.

A former professional musician, Rob has performed on stages around the world and as living proof that he lives life to the max, he’s been awarded an Arts degree at Lancaster University and also runs an Art Gallery. He teaches The Art of Health® to clients who want to live a life (and leave a legacy) of boldness, diversity and adventure.



We’ll be recording the interview for my “The Art of Health Podcast” at this meeting

Provided the interview goes well, it will be distributed and we’ll publish at least seven long-lasting backlinks to your free resource (or nominated landing page).


  • It’s webcams on
  • Rob will welcome and introduce you using your short bio.
  • Then the interview commences and you’ll have just 10 minutes to answer the 7 questions listed above.

(These questions will be included in your confirmation email but you might want to copy them from here as well)


NOTE 1: Please make sure your microphone is high quality and you’re in a quiet space for the interview.

NOTE 2: You need to be on a good quality internet connection – connected via cable if possible. For example, hotel wireless will probably not handle this well.  And definitely not on 4G (a phone without internet)

Remember: The interview is conducted with webcams on, so best not be in your PJ’s and curlers 😊!

Best, Rob