one-minute wisdom series

Are you feeling a bit jaded and worn down by these circumstances?
Are you in need of a boost to get you back on track to being more productive
and feeling positive about the world again?

Small, simple things – that have a big impact on your wellbeing.

Receive a quick fix every few days (for the next 10 weeks) with practical advice on how to become fitter, healthier and happier.
Quick fixes and long term ideas.

Only $4.95 previously only available to ‘New You in 52’ Students (programme price £390)

This all came about through a conversation I had with my friend Liz…

Liz was feeling stressed, she said she couldn’t concentrate, she wasn’t getting stuff done like she used to.
I was surprised because she’s normally so ‘switched on’ – she runs a successful catering business.

This whole thing, although it was giving her more time, actually appeared to be slowing her down – quenching her natural enthusiasm for life!

I’m studying the science of well-being at the moment so I knew I could help…
I created a series of short bite-sized videos  One a day.

… It’s worked. Liz is back on it!

The result:

She’s full of fire! 🔥She’s planning and building for the future.

Liz says she’s looking forward to the ‘new world order’ that comes out of this crisis, and she’s working out how she can thrive in it.

The Covid-19 crisis has actually become a big opportunity for her!

I’m offering all 22 videos which have turned Liz’s life around and are now helping my students to become fitter, healthier, and more productive.

*for just $4.95

They walk you through the exact strategies and techniques I use every day, to stay clear-minded, healthy and productive.

*get the whole series of 22 videos for the price of a cup of coffee (previously this has only been available in the ‘New You in 52’ Students programme £390)

This is what you get:

22 emails, each containing a video plus inspirational, practical techniques and ideas to ‘raise your mood’

These proven techniques will increase your health and well being.

Techniques include:

‘Finding your quiet’

quietening the mind so that you can concentrate on things that REALLY matter – video #1


How to create more of it in your life. A proven method that works every time. Video #2


A simple technique to get on track – and STAY on track. Video #6


This one process from ‘the science of well-being’ will help your feelings, relationships and mood dramatically. Video #18

Only $4.95 previously only available to ‘New You in 52’ Students (programme price £390)

We are kind, genuine, caring people, working with integrity and love. We will never, ever share your details. Your privacy is absolutely assured. Rob. The Art of Health

Students comments:

“I look forward to your email so much… Thank you. You are really helping me through lockdown and loss” Wendy UK

“Morning Rob, I have so enjoyed your series, every one was a smile”. Elaine UK

“Thanks Rob for these One minute series I’ve  taken a lot on board and now it’s a routine” Pam UK

“Just to let you know I am loving your one minute wisdom videos. I find they are great little boosters and really get me back on track” Barry Manchester UK

“Oh. You are such a treasure.  I love your tips.
My go to phrase every morning is
‘Well if this isn’t nice I don’t know what is’
Thanks.” Sue UK

“Thank you for your uplifting and inspirational emails. Excellent. I have some friends who would benefit from your teachings and calm reassuring wisdom would it be ok to pass on your details to them?” Jane USA

Wake up to a pearl of wisdom every 3 or 4 days for the next 10 weeks
Scientifically proven strategies and ideas to improve well-being, mood and health

“Talking to Rob has in a short time made an incredible change to the way I look at my life and health”
Dave Guest. Workshop Media. UK

“I’d highly recommend Rob Bee for all matters regarding health, happiness and well being”
Sam King-Middleton. Serenity Sam. UK