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Right! Let’s make 2020 YOUR YEAR!

New You in 52!

12 months of coaching, encouragement and motivation to really get you:

  • In shape
  • Up to speed
  • In control

Get slimmer, more relaxed, more productive and more in control of your life.

We start on the 2nd January 2020 …New Year – New You!

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We are kind, genuine, caring people, working with integrity and love. We will never, ever share your details. Your privacy is absolutely assured. Rob. The Art of Health

Wow! You look well!!

…Haha you’ll never get tired of hearing people say that when they see you!

Using simple, enjoyable and natural things (food, activities and projects) we will gently guide you to a healthier, happier new you.

Everything we do at the Art of Health is backed by proven, Life-Changing techniques from the science of human behaviour and psychology,

There is no quick fix for this – it takes time…

With the NY52 programme, it’s enjoyable and rewarding time. We will keep you on track and the NY52 community will help you achieve your goals and help you stay accountable!

Major Bonus: NY52 includes the proven ‘Change Your Ways in 30 Days’ programme to really KICK START your new year.

Remember, you won’t be doing it alone, the love and support you will get from me and my team and the inspiration of the other group members means you have around 285% greater chance of succeeding than if you try to go at it alone.

These three things are, in my experience, the Holy Trinity of Health:

1. Food/Nutrition

wholesome, nutritious, delicious, natural, simple and enjoyable + ‘Clean and Simple’ principles/recipe ideas

2. Movement/Exercise

…basically, enjoying nature! 

simple, gentle exercise guides and ideas.

3. Creativity

re-awakening your ‘child like’ awareness of this beautiful world

Check this out: You are a creative being.

My Promise to You:

I promise you that if you are vigilant and consistent in practicing these simple activities and diet reccomendations every month for the next 12 months that your life, your mood, and your emotions will have shifted dramatically. You will see both small and big improvements in all areas of your life.

  • Body Image, Health, Wellness
  • Relationships, Friendships, Family
  • Productivity – getting so much more done!
  • Self-Esteem, Confidence, Awareness
  • Achievements, Goals
  • Spirituality, Connections, and Growth

Mostly, you will feel more accepting of yourself and others, more confident and at ease with the world. You’ll be less judgmental, more open, and grateful to be alive every day.

What’s Included in the Programme:

  • First 30 days ‘Change Your Ways in 30 Days’ programme (A more intensive start to get you rolling)
  • Monthly videos in ‘bite size’ chunks
  • Monthly ‘check-in’ calls. Ask questions, discuss Challenges, share stories
  • Monthly activity guide to print (and sign as a commitment and reminder!)
  • Facebook community for connections and support from everyone in the programme.

The path to a Healthier life

A lifestyle change may seem insurmountable at first and you may be having second thoughts about getting started. The first 30 days can be the hardest, but once you have formed the habit and acquired the right mindset, deviating from the good habits will soon be the difficult thing to do. Fear of failure is among the many emotions you may feel as you begin your journey to a healthier life. And as you will hear me say time and time again…

Be Gentle With Yourself!

  • Elevate your consciousness.
  • 10 X your enjoyment of life.
  • Slim down
  • Feel fitter, happier and more ‘connected’ with your world.

It’s not a diet, it’s a proven lifestyle change program. You only stop doing the things you really should stop… When you want to stop them… and you’re ready…You only start doing new things when you want to start them… when you’re ready.

This program is designed to plant the seeds of change within you, to nurture them, and to help you blossom into the beautiful new you that you’ve always known was there in your heart.

Lets get started on the road to good health together.

…and so you know you’re in good hands

(comments from the September 2019 Challenge week)

“…lots of good reading suggestions, tips and Rob is a fabulous motivator.”

“Can’t imagine ever stopping Breakfast of Brilliance, I enjoy preparing and feel better having a good start to the day.”

“Thanks for the inspiration you have provided me with. It has been a struggle getting up but the rewards of my early morning walks are priceless… “Not quite on track with broccoli for breakfast!……work in progress 😁…Big big thankyou”

“How peaceful and satisfying a morning is when you give it time and its lived through your own agenda rather than others (news/social media feeds).”

“For me this group has made me dig deeper to realise all the other potential lurking there and how imprtant it is. Its exciting…”

“Great. Sleeping so much better and feeling brighter… Fabulous Rob”

“Yes. Enjoyed it all. Good to get into habit of regular exercise”

“Have really enjoyed the week thank you”

“Thanks for all the support.  Seeing you all bright and enthusiastic this morning has given me encouragement.”

“If you are stuck in a rut ‘Feel fab in 5’ is the ideal kickstart. Rob is a great communicator and his positivity is infectious. Having done the fab in 5 and felt the benefits I continued with ‘Change Your Ways in 30 Days’ which goes into more detail for a healthy ,happy and positive lifestyle. With regular videos and webinars Rob has been there every step of the way and has kept me totally motivated throughout. Highly recommended.”
Barry Smith. Manchester. UK

“Talking to Rob has in a short time made an incredible change to the way I look at my life and health”
Dave Guest. Workshop Media. UK

When I signed up the “Feel fab in 5 “, I was already doing and interested in most of the information Rob was providing .
However, where I was getting stuck and it helped me the most was the  lovely way Rob puts the programme together . He keeps it real, no unrealistic expectations , shares his own failings and encourages everyone  through the difficult times when you feel ,” today I cant be bothered” ,” Im too busy or Im tired”.
His ability to question himself and laugh at himself was endearing and for some one not used to doing such things over the internet, he succeeded in making me feel like I had made a new friend who genuinely cared about my outcomes.
I also particularly enjoyed the discovery of the Art side of the programme this was not something I had considered before. But it’s as brilliant as the breakfast! (Rob’s famous ‘Breakfast of Brilliance!)
Being part of a small group meant that very quickly you felt part of something more personal and the support was there from all the others too.
Its a different way of being part of something that really worked for me and the accountability I felt for the whole group and wanting to support them to do well too, was really powerful.
Laura Hyatt. UK

“I’d highly recommend Rob Bee for all matters regarding health, happiness and well being”
Sam King-Middleton. Serenity Sam. UK

I would recommend Rob Bee’s ‘Feel Fab in 5’ and ‘Change Your Ways in 30 days’  to  get on a good path to better health and wellbeing, also for further encouragement for anyone struggling with staying on track.  Not only does Rob provide an excellent breakfast recipe, Rob is very well read and is extremely enthusiastic and a very good motivator.  We have had a friendly group with several talented artists too.  Rob is a talented artist and through his coaching skills Rob has sparked a lot of creativity in us all as well as suggesting through emails, video calls many ways to take up more exercise.

With Rob’s passion for life and his jolly outlook I can honestly say I feel better than I have in a long time.
Thank you Mr Bee
Debra Hughes. Cornwall. UK

“A deceptively simple course taught in a fun, informative way.   Rob knows his stuff and will help you achieve a happier,  more fulfilled life.

Liz Albiston. UK