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Our mission is to help people to stay sharp and healthy as they age.

Eliminating the yo-yo effect of dieting… Weight loss, weight gain, frustration!

Creating simple, easy to follow lifestyle changes… Once you’re in the flow of things you’ll find it easier and easier to control sugar and junk food temptations.

Our programmes give you practical, day-to-day ways to stay healthy, focused and productive. We approach these objectives from two (equally important) angles:

  • Healthy body – Easy non-fanatical ways to stay in great shape (#nogym). Natural tasty foods. (#nodiet) which not only make you look great and feel great but help control inflammation and pain too. (#nosupplements)
  • Healthy mind – regular enjoyable activities which improve your memory and keep you sharp.

In short, we demystify and simplify the psychology of re-gaining good health and of keeping  good health. 

I will help you to understand the wonderful, natural healing processes that nature gives us and how easy it is to align ourselves with this fabulous stuff… With natures gifts.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” Buddha

Did you know?

70% of the NHS’s budget (Healthcare costs) is spent on preventable diseases.
British Medical Journal

No Gym. No Diet. No Pain! Just Great Health!

We are not a weight loss diet! Although you will lose weight

We are not a fanatical fitness program! Although you will build up your strength, balance and poise.

We are not a complicated art program! Although you will become more creative and more productive.

We are a happiness program! By being slimmer, brighter and the living with zest, you will become happier!

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Dave Guest. Workshop Media. UK

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