Life Clarity (Feel Fab in Five)

5 Minutes – 5 Things – 5 weeks

Are you ready to start feeling great? Yes!!

Start LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL with energy and zest again. This proven five week course is achieving brilliant and lasting results for people.

“Great. Sleeping so much better and feeling brighter… Fabulous Rob” Laura UK
“The richly packaged five weeks left you feeling healthier, calmer and more positive” Fiona UK

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  • 5 small things before 9am
  • Adding 5 minutes a day
  • 5-week programme
    Live coaching calls every week

This “richly packaged” course could be the springboard to your healthier happier future.

We are kind, genuine, caring people, working with integrity and love. We will never, ever share your details. Your privacy is absolutely assured. Rob. The Art of Health

Launch yourself into the coming months with more health and vitality than you’ve felt for a loooong time!

Imagine feeling good just about all the time! What would you get done? What’s a project you’ve been putting off for years?

Healthcare Professionals
Kick start your patients’ self-directed recovery
This programme helps prevent non-infectious chronic disease through entirely natural means

Let’s do it

Learn my techniques for raising your mood and setting yourself up for a positive productive day.

Five weeks of Inspired coaching with Health and Creativity coach Rob Bee

Live coaching calls on Zoom every Monday.
Rob has learned how to create his happy, healthy life by just doing small enjoyable things EVERY DAY and he’d love to help you to get on track to your own healthy happy future. In these weeks of coaching he’s going to show you how to start your days with vitalty, clear intentions and a smile.

Learn how to change your ways and kick start your future with small, easily manageable steps.

We know what we should be doing – but why don’t we?? It seems such a chore, it seems like such a big jump from where we are now, to where we want to be. What if you could do it in a way that was easy and added joy to your life? Rob is going to show you how easy it is to make those small changes – that make a BIG difference.

Open your eyes to how life could really be for you.

Those dreams, those things that you’ve been meaning to get around to for years. They’re all within your grasp. It’s not as difficult as you think. You’ll learn 5 practical, proven techniques to clear your mind and improve your mood. This little event could be the gateway to your good health and happiness“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” Lao Tzu

Lets get started on the road to good health together.

Week 1
A Calm and healthy breakfast

Taking control of your morning starts the night before.
Preparing beautiful food to beat inflammation and feed your brain!
Also Introducing my
‘positive morning mindset’ rules!

Week 2
Getting going

Stretching those limbs and feeling connected with the world.

The power of these few minutes outdoors will suprise and delight you.

Week 3
Quiet Time

Time to STOP.
Switch off the
do do do
rush rush rush

…and to just ‘be’ for a few minutes.

Week 4

Gratitude and Love are closely aligned emotions.

This little exercise will leave you feeling uplifted and happy every time… It never fails to banish the blues.

Week 5

The final piece of the jigsaw.
How to strengthen your immune system with foods that help you stay focused clear and strong
… What a way to start the day

The power of combining these five things, every morning, consistently, will have a massive impact on how you approach your day.

“It’s simple, enjoyable and effective. This beautiful 20 minutes before breakfast has become my favourite part of the day […] feeling better […] getting so much more done.” Jeff, Barnsley UK

…and so you know you’re in good hands

(comments from previous FF5 course participants)

“If you are stuck in a rut ‘Feel fab in 5’ is the ideal kickstart. Rob is a great communicator and his positivity is infectious. Having done the fab in 5 and felt the benefits I continued with ‘Change Your Ways in 30 Days’ which goes into more detail for a healthy ,happy and positive lifestyle. With regular videos and webinars Rob has been there every step of the way and has kept me totally motivated throughout. Highly recommended.”
Barry Smith. Manchester. UK

“When I signed up the “Feel fab in 5 “, I was already doing and interested in most of the information Rob was providing .
However, where I was getting stuck and it helped me the most was the  lovely way Rob puts the programme together . He keeps it real, no unrealistic expectations , shares his own failings and encourages everyone through the difficult times when you feel ,” today I cant be bothered” ,” Im too busy or Im tired”.
His ability to question himself and laugh at himself was endearing and for some one not used to doing such things over the internet, he succeeded in making me feel like I had made a new friend who genuinely cared about my outcomes.
I also particularly enjoyed the discovery of the Art side of the programme this was not something I had considered before. But it’s as brilliant as the breakfast! (Rob’s famous ‘Breakfast of Brilliance!)
Being part of a small group meant that very quickly you felt part of something more personal and the support was there from all the others too.
Its a different way of being part of something that really worked for me and the accountability I felt for the whole group and wanting to support them to do well too, was really powerful.”
Laura Hyatt. Deeside UK

“I’d highly recommend Rob Bee for all matters regarding health, happiness and well being”
Sam King-Middleton. Serenity Sam. UK

“I would recommend Rob Bee’s ‘Feel Fab in 5’ and ‘Change Your Ways in 30 days’  to  get on a good path to better health and wellbeing, also for further encouragement for anyone struggling with staying on track.  Not only does Rob provide an excellent breakfast recipe, Rob is very well read and is extremely enthusiastic and a very good motivator.  We have had a friendly group with several talented artists too.  Rob is a talented artist and through his coaching skills Rob has sparked a lot of creativity in us all as well as suggesting through emails, video calls many ways to take up more exercise.

With Rob’s passion for life and his jolly outlook I can honestly say I feel better than I have in a long time.
Thank you Mr Bee”
Debra Hughes. Cornwall. UK

“A deceptively simple course taught in a fun, informative way.   Rob knows his stuff and will help you achieve a happier,  more fulfilled life.

Liz. UK

“Talking to Rob has in a short time made an incredible change to the way I look at my life and health”
Dave Guest. Workshop Media. UK

“…lots of good reading suggestions, tips and Rob is a fabulous motivator.”

“Can’t imagine ever stopping Breakfast of Brilliance, I enjoy preparing and feel better having a good start to the day.”

“Thanks for the inspiration you have provided me with. It has been a struggle getting up but the rewards of my early morning walks are priceless… “Not quite on track with broccoli for breakfast!……work in progress 😁…Big big thankyou”

“How peaceful and satisfying a morning is when you give it time and its lived through your own agenda rather than others (news/social media feeds).”

“For me this group has made me dig deeper to realise all the other potential lurking there and how imprtant it is. Its exciting…”

“Great. Sleeping so much better and feeling brighter… Fabulous Rob”

“Yes. Enjoyed it all. Good to get into habit of regular exercise”

“Have really enjoyed the week thank you”

“Yay, can’t believe how productive I’ve been today – thanks Rob”

“Thanks for all the support.  Seeing you all bright and enthusiastic this morning has given me encouragement.”

…I really can’t describe ‘Feel Fab in Five’ any better than Fiona did in her testimonial:

“The short ‘Feel Fab in 5’ course is a well designed programme that starts you thinking about new, and healthy ways to start each day.

Rob introduced simple, but effective changes that built up throughout the weeks and made you stop and think about your routine, and how relatively small daily changes can result in quite a significant shift in your sense of well-being in mind and body. 

The culmination resulted in an awareness of ‘intention’ which enabled a quiet and unhurried mind and alongside this, a positive outlook through a purposeful awareness of the beauty that surrounds us in nature and appreciation of things that are positives in our lives.

Ideas for healthy changes in diet and levels of activity were also introduced and were easy to implement and of obvious benefit. The richly packaged five weeks left you feeling healthier, calmer and more positive in so many ways.