Congratulations if you have completed the ‘Feel Fab in Five’ day challenge. Hope you enjoyed it.

How are you doing with broccoli for breakfast??!

This week has, I hope, been a taster for the new you! Can you see the possibilities for your healthier happier future?

Today I’m going to show you a way to really start to ingrain these new, simple activities into your daily life. So they become a part of what you do, of who you are.

I’m introducing you here to my ‘change your ways in 30 days’ program.

It’s four weeks of inspiration, ideas and training with five videos a week + 2 Live group coaching calls (Live Q&A broadcasts)
Starts on Monday 10th February 2020

‘Change Your Ways in 30 Days’

Each week is themed and the weeks will alternate mind/Body/Mind/Body:


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

Video Content: (All videos approx 5 minutes long. Apart from interviews and recipe demos)

Week 1 – Mind

Morning and Evening routine (Building on Feel fab in 5 week)

1. Habit Gravity – the truth behind forming new habits
2. Personality – a fascinating revealing exercise
3. Calmness of Mind (James Allen)  + Sleep
4. Being ‘Present’
5. Weekend Reflection time

Week 2 – Body

Food/ Nutrition

1. Natural Food. Unprocessed. Mostly raw day – simple/clean cooked evening (no supplements).
2. ‘Eat Simple’ principle and demo (recorded live – 15 min Pasta)
3. ‘Eat simple’ principles and live video demo 2 (recorded live – Fish)
4. Sugar free sweet ‘coffee’ snacks (recipes recorded live)
5. Decision moments “Willpower doesn’t work” Dr Benjamin Hardy

Week 3 – Mind


1. Science of Creativity and the Mind
2. Drawing makes you intelligent!
3. Looking at Art (Phenomenologically/mindfully)
4. Projects = Energy = Happiness
5. Singing (for example!)

Week 4 – Body


1. The very best exercise for someone exactly of your age and fitness level
2. Being Gentle with yourself
3. Walking and Breathing – are you doing it right?? (With Barrie Marshall)
4. The power of 2 minutes a day
5. Consistency and your future happiness

The programme is structured to lead you through the process of forming new ‘Keystone Habits’ which in turn will drastically improve your life in so many ways.

You will:

  • Sleep better
  • Eat less
  • Move more freely
  • Have an ‘appetite’
  • Appreciate the beauty all around you
  • Have better relationships, less stress, more time
  • You’ll get your ‘Mojo’ back


Beta Price:

Plus Private confidential coaching package with Rob 2 x 30 mins
to make the programme perfect for you
Let’s create your own personal schedule and goals:
additional £60 (optional)

Plus these lovely Bonuses

Bonus 1
Rob’s ‘Drawing loose and Free’ course

£47 FREE*
*Free till Sunday 9th Feb

Enrollment into my creative drawing course for beginners/ improvers “Drawing Loose and Free” 

Of course, you don’t need to do this course – but even if you are not really interested in learning to draw, it’s a ‘window’ into unlocking your creative potential. Improving your decision making, clarity and focus. 

You could treat it as an opening to other creative pursuits you may prefer to follow. 

I talk a lot about ‘learning new things’ and creativity in the programme.

“Drawing Loose and Free” Watch the Promo video first and you can watch the first lecture too ‘Introduction to Drawing Loose and Free’. 🎨✏️

Bonus 2 

Also, if you already play the piano a bit – you are very welcome to enroll in my learn to play and sing courses. Let me know if you would like this and I’ll send you a voucher. Here’s a link to the Free one: Let it Be’ by the Beatles.

“If you are stuck in a rut ‘Feel fab in 5’ is the ideal kickstart. Rob is a great communicator and his positivity is infectious. Having done the fab in 5 and felt the benefits I continued with ‘Change Your Ways in 30 Days’ which goes into more detail for a healthy ,happy and positive lifestyle. With regular videos and webinars Rob has been there every step of the way and has kept me totally motivated throughout. Highly recommended.”
Barry Smith. Manchester. UK

“When I signed up the “Feel fab in 5 “, I was already doing and interested in most of the information Rob was providing .
However, where I was getting stuck and it helped me the most was the  lovely way Rob puts the programme together . He keeps it real, no unrealistic expectations , shares his own failings and encourages everyone through the difficult times when you feel ,” today I cant be bothered” ,” Im too busy or Im tired”.
His ability to question himself and laugh at himself was endearing and for some one not used to doing such things over the internet, he succeeded in making me feel like I had made a new friend who genuinely cared about my outcomes.
I also particularly enjoyed the discovery of the Art side of the programme this was not something I had considered before. But it’s as brilliant as the breakfast! (Rob’s famous ‘Breakfast of Brilliance!)
Being part of a small group meant that very quickly you felt part of something more personal and the support was there from all the others too.
Its a different way of being part of something that really worked for me and the accountability I felt for the whole group and wanting to support them to do well too, was really powerful.”
Laura Hyatt. Deeside UK

“I’d highly recommend Rob Bee for all matters regarding health, happiness and well being”
Sam King-Middleton. Serenity Sam. UK

“I would recommend Rob Bee’s ‘Feel Fab in 5’ and ‘Change Your Ways in 30 days’  to  get on a good path to better health and wellbeing, also for further encouragement for anyone struggling with staying on track.  Not only does Rob provide an excellent breakfast recipe, Rob is very well read and is extremely enthusiastic and a very good motivator.  We have had a friendly group with several talented artists too.  Rob is a talented artist and through his coaching skills Rob has sparked a lot of creativity in us all as well as suggesting through emails, video calls many ways to take up more exercise.

With Rob’s passion for life and his jolly outlook I can honestly say I feel better than I have in a long time.
Thank you Mr Bee”
Debra Hughes. Cornwall. UK

“A deceptively simple course taught in a fun, informative way.   Rob knows his stuff and will help you achieve a happier,  more fulfilled life.

Liz. UK

“Talking to Rob has in a short time made an incredible change to the way I look at my life and health”
Dave Guest. Workshop Media. UK