Whenever we are talking about dieting, it’s often about foods to avoid and how many calories we are allowed to consume. However, after repeated attempts to use the same techniques for cutting calories, they don’t seem to work. Worse, many people gain more than their initial starting weight after stopping the diet programme. It’s important to realise that a diet programme is more than just cutting your caloric intake and burning excess calories.

Healthy Living Programme

If you continue to fail losing weight no matter how many different diets you try, the reason isn’t that you are doing something wrong. It’s because diets just don’t work. Crash diets do not give long term results, instead, you need a long term healthy living plan. A healthy living programme that alters both your body and your mind’s approach to eating will enable you to achieve the long term weight loss and healthy weight management results you have been looking for.

Keeping that in mind, lets take a look at some of the reasons diets dont work:

Slow Metabolism- if you have slow metabolism, it will take longer to burn off excess calories. Basal metabolism can be defined as the amount of calories needed for basic physical needs, such as to maintain organ functions, for breathing and for cellular activities. So, when you are sleeping, you still burn some calories. A slow metabolism could result when your diet programme is too restrictive and you significantly reduce your caloric intake. This will put your body into a survival mode. Your body senses that hunger is imminent, so your metabolism is automatically lowered.

Food Is Too Tempting- any diet programme is bound to fail if your mind is preoccupied with food. If eating becomes a very rewarding experience, you need to change your perspective. When you are on a diet, you should avoid going to places with visually appealing foods. It’s better to bring your own lunch, instead of going to the usual eating places with co-workers.

Too Much Focus On Weight Loss- your primary goal should be to achieve good health, not to lose weight. Being healthy is the best reward that you can get. If you don’t have a good goal, excess weight will come right back.

Start And Stop Mentality- if you are in a start and stop cycle, you need to address this problem first, instead of re-starting failed diet programs over and over again. Find out why you gave up so easily and couldn’t be persistent. There could be unfavourable behaviours that you need to change to allow for a successful diet programme.

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