Inflammation is the way our body reacts to foreign intruders and infections. If your body has an inflammatory response, the production of cytokines, white blood cells and other immune-related cells are increased. Common indications of ongoing inflammation are swelling, heat, pain and redness. It could happen to an isolated or large part of your body. And, while inflammation is a normal reaction for the body, it can be quite painful, but there is something that you can do to relieve the pain normally associated with inflammation and arthritis.

To help relieve the effects of inflammation and arthritis, we just need to change our diet. Many of the foods that we eat can actually make inflammation and arthritis feel worse. Dietary changes won’t just help to eliminate chronic inflammation, including arthritis, but it can have other health benefits as well.

The Benefits Of Changing Your Diet

Better Resistance To Infection- infection is a common cause of inflammation and your diet has a huge part in it. With the right food, you will notice that you don’t get sick as easily. No more swollen glands, sore throat or fevers. A nutrient-rich diet keeps your immune system at peak performance and kills foreign intruders, before infection has the chance to spread.

Less Stress- fresh, healthy food negates much of the emotional stress that we feel when we are in pain. Stress and depression can impair your immune system, making infection and inflammation more likely to occur.

Healthier Gut- normally, immune cells ignore healthy bacteria in the gut. However, the combination of poor diet, stress and an unhealthy environment make immune cells attack beneficial gut bacteria and even body tissue. This creates a significant risk factor for auto-immune conditions like, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Lower Risk Of Heart Disease- poor diet may cause your immune system to react excessively to foreign objects. Even a small amount of fatty plaque inside the arteries could trigger chronic inflammation. White blood cells coagulate around the plaque, causing it to become bigger, potentially blocking the arteries completely. Unhealthy eating and obesity increase the risk of inflammation, which has a direct impact on the health of your heart.

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