90 day intensive Transformation programme

Personalised premium coaching

We work closely with you to help you achieve easy and effective lifestyle changes.
Including: The best Nourishment/nutrition for people our age, the best exercise for us (this will surprise you!), and working with Rob’s knowledge and experience of positive psychology to improve your outlook and energy for life.

BeeWell Coaching

From Rob Bee at The Art of Health®

Our flagship programme was developed to help people over 60 who are:

  • Lacking energy
  • Overweight
  • Unfit
  • Thinking “is this it now!?”

…To become rejuvenated, to regain their energy and joy in life,
and as a by-product to get slimmer, fitter and happier


Listen to what my lovely clients are saying in the below videos:

Susan (age 65)
January 2024

Susan cares for her partner at home. She was feeling worse than stuck in her life, she felt like it was slipping away from her.
Susan talks about how the programme progressively changed her from feeling defeated to waking up happy and feeling in control, and how the ‘transformation’ has both delighted and suprised her. Also, about weight loss being a welcome ‘side effect’ of the process.

Magid (age 62)
January 2024

Magid had lost his way in life, he’d lost his sense of self. He felt unfocused, foggy minded, and was overweight and unfit.
He shows us how even the temptation to eat unhealthy food can be easily mastered. 

February 2024

Sue wants to live at least another 20 years. She realised, the way that she was going, this wasn’t going to happen! She explains how the programme works and why you should do it.

March 2024

Alan has a stressful job, working from home at his desk mostly. He talks about his wonderful goal (😊)! and also about the cost of the BeeWell coaching programme.

Steve (age 57)
September 2023

Steve had sat behind his office desk for five years… and knew he hadn’t looked after himself. As a consequence, he was very overweight – with very painful knees.
He tells us why he should have started this years ago! and gives us a fifth-week progress report.

My Promise to You:

I promise you that if you are vigilant and consistent in practicing the simple, enjoyable activities and diet recommendations we recommend over the next 90 days, your life, your mood, and your emotions will have shifted dramatically. You will see both small and big improvements in all areas of your life.

  • Body Image, Health, Wellness
  • Relationships, Friendships, Family
  • Productivity – getting so much more done!
  • Self-Esteem, Confidence, Awareness
  • Achievements, Goals
  • Spirituality, Connections, and Growth

Mostly, you will feel more accepting of yourself and others, more confident and at ease with the world. You’ll be less judgmental, more open, and grateful to be alive every day.

This program is designed to plant the seeds of change within you, to nurture them, and to enable you to blossom into the happier, healthier more energetic person that you know in your heart you can be again.

The path to a Healthier life

A lifestyle change may seem insurmountable at first and you may be having second thoughts about getting started. The first 30 days can be the hardest, but once you have formed the habit and acquired the right mindset, deviating from the good habits will soon be the difficult thing to do. Fear of failure is among the many emotions you may feel as you begin your journey to a healthier life.

Lets get started on the road to good health together.

BeeWell Coaching

90 day transformation programme

To Apply:

Firstly, please register for, and watch the replay of this 37-minute presentation:

Click here to watch the presentation … ‘Beat Your Body Clock Masterclass’

At the end of the presentation, you will have an opportunity to book a Free consultation call with Rob or Vicky.

Please do fill in the short form on the booking page – it helps us all prepare for the call.

Thanks, and we look forward to speaking to you.

Best wishes

Rob Bee – Chief Happiness Engineer at the The of Health®
Vicky Howarth – Assistant Happiness Manager at the The of Health®


the end of a beautiful day


Wow! You look well!!

…Haha you’ll never get tired of hearing people say that when they see you!

Using simple, enjoyable and natural things (food, activities and projects) we will gently guide you to a healthier, happier new you.

Everything we do at the Art of Health is backed by proven, Life-Changing techniques from the science of human behaviour and psychology.