Rob Bee BA (Hons)

Health & Wellbeing Specialist at The Art of Health® | Consultant | Coach | Keynote Speaker

Cert. The Science of Well-Being Yale (2020)
Continuing studies at Pennsylvania State University with Doctor Martin Seligman ‘Positive Psychology’
Art theory and practice Lancaster (2005)

Musician: Saxophonist, pianist, harmonica(ist?) and singer.
Artist: Painter and printmaker.
Health nut!
Cyclist, enthusiast, poet and optimist.

Hi, I’m Rob Bee.

I’m a mere 71 years young and for the past 22 years I have been researching and studying human health. With particular regard to the relationship between good health and creativity.

During my studies at University in 2002 (in my 50th year), I began to feel really fit and well. 

Previous to this time I had been running a business, working all hours of the day and night and generally, not looking after myself. I was still running the event business during my studies… so what was it, what had changed to improve my health and give me this feeling of well-being? 

So, alongside my art and philosophy studies, I found myself researching longevity. Finding out about the effects of lifestyle on health and ageing. I began to realise that the changes I had been forced to make to my lifestyle, diet and habits were having a really positive effect on my health.

Since that time I have slipped back into my old ways a couple of times but by becoming aware of what was happening and making a few simple natural changes that fitted in to my daily life, I soon got back to a balanced state of wellbeing.

I have now developed a ‘system’ which is easy and simple to follow and with which people are having brilliant results:

  • Feeling less tired. 
  • Having less of those going-into-the kitchen-and-wondering-what -he-hell-you’re-doing-there moments! 
  • Improved memory. 
  • Osteoarthritic pain reduced and under control. 
  • Walking further. 
  • Enjoying the grandkids 
  • …and generally having more fun.

I call this system “The Art of Health®”

“Talking to Rob has in a short time made an incredible change to the way I look at my life and health”
Dave Guest. Workshop Media. UK

“I’d highly recommend Rob Bee for all matters regarding health, happiness and well being”
Sam King-Middleton. Serenity Sam. UK